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Customer-Focused Benefits Solutions

Employee benefits solutions catering to your employees, business and stakeholders


Your employees are looking for personalized consumer-grade solutions for their benefits.


Your business is looking for visibility, governance and cost optimization when it comes to employee benefits.


Your external stakeholders are looking for you to deliver purpose, sustainability and social engagement.

“We are helping companies improve performance through greater employee engagement, through cost optimization and through delivering on the social aspects of ESG.”

Jorgen Pedersen

About us

The Birch Tree is a practitioner based start-up with focus on customer focused benefits solutions. We work to deliver holistic solutions around employee benefits and financial wellbeing to the companies we work for and in networks with other leading international companies. This gives us a broad view of the doable.

What we can do for you

We will work with you to find holistic solutions, which will cater to the expectations from your customer groups while simultaneously focus on the challenge of financial results. Our way of working with you on a practitioner-to-practitioner basis is based on our belief in co-development of solutions between strong partners.

The founder

The founder of The Birch Tree, Jorgen Pedersen, took the decision to create this niche based start-up while he was the Group Vice President of Compensation & Benefits and International Mobility for a major international group with 170.000 employees.

Having worked on the whole range of Rewards, he is convinced that delivering customer-focused benefits solutions is where you can touch and impact the life of the most people. At the same time creating a sustainable and socially responsible purpose.


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