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About us

Who are we?

The Birch Tree is a practitioner based start-up with focus on customer-focused benefits solutions. We work to deliver holistic solutions around employee benefits and financial wellbeing to the companies we work for and in networks with other leading international companies. This gives us a broad view of the doable.

The Birch Tree will support you in:

  • Giving your employees more choices for spending their benefits budget to fulfill their needs and expectations. Thereby enhancing their engagement,

  • Delivering visibility, governance and cost optimization to your business. Hereby improving your bottom-line financial results.

  • Defining solutions to deliver purpose, sustainability and social engagement. This underlines your Corporate Social Responsibility and your ESG (Environment, Social, Governance) agenda, with an especially strong focus on the S for social aspects.

  • Developing holistic solutions which caters to the expectations from your multiple customer groups.

Our Partnerships

The founder has established strategic partnerships with key players in this field, including organizations, networks and NGO’s. This to be on the forefront of the development. Using this knowledge, he wants to continue delivering individually focused and forward-looking solutions to our partners and customers.

A Personal Touch

As a boutique start-up, we will work with you on a practitioner-to-practitioner basis. This in a way that suits your needs, and with full flexibility regarding how deep you wish us to become involved in your strategy and projects.

Our belief and experience in co-development of solutions between strong partners makes us a unique set-up.

If this is of interest to you and you wish to have an exchange around opportunities for your business, please contact us for an informal first exchange.