Our Services

Employee Choice

We are here to support you in finding ways of giving more choice to your employees for them to spend their benefits and financial well-being budget in fulfilling their needs and expectations. The different needs based on country, age group, family status and more, combined with the digital journey with consumer grade solutions added to the individual expectations, makes it a real challenge to deliver and create customer satisfaction in this area. We will work with you to find out what your employees are expecting, and how to deliver this to them in an optimized and customer friendly way.

Management of Employee Benefits

We will support you in delivering visibility, governance and cost optimization to your business. Keeping an overview and visibility of your employee benefits in your companies around the world, ensuring governance of the solutions you provide thereby keeping costs under control, and finding ways of optimizing your global spend to finance your activities and deliver a positive contribution to your business financial results, create real challenges in today’s world. We will work with you to find and design the solutions which will improve your financial results and ROI.

Care programs and ESG

We can support you in finding solutions to deliver sustainability, purpose and social engagement which underlines your Corporate Social Responsibility and your ESG (Environment, Social, Governance) agenda. With a strong focus on the S for Social. In this area the expectations to your company from external stakeholders are at a steady rise, as the need for social engagement by businesses becomes ever more apparent. More and more investors expect this. The same is the case with shareholders, public authorities, customers and potential new employees. We will work with you to define your priorities in this field, to find solutions which will meet these and to support the implementation.

Holistic Solutions

We will work with you to find strategic solutions which will cater to the expectations from your customer groups. As it is no longer possible to see these solutions in isolation, based on the increase in expectations and the simultaneous challenge on financial results, maybe the most important is, that we will work with you to look at this in a holistic way to deliver solutions to all your customer groups as described above.

What your employees are looking for

Your employees are looking for personalized consumer-grade solutions for their benefits.
Your business is looking for visibility, governance and cost optimization when it comes to employee benefits.
Your external stakeholders like investors, shareholders, customers, public authorities and future new employees are looking for you to deliver purpose, responsibility, sustainability and social engagement.
And you want to show you are customer focused by delivering solutions to them all.