The founder

The founder of The Birch Tree, Jorgen Pedersen, took the decision to create this niche based boutique start-up while he was the Group Vice President Compensation & Benefits and International Mobility for a major international group with 170.000 employees in 70 countries.

Having worked on the whole range of Rewards, he is convinced that delivering customer focused benefits solutions is where you can touch and impact the life of most people, at the same time creating a sustainable and social responsible purpose. Based on this he decided to become a founder in order to work with companies to materialize this idea, while in parallel working with NGO’s to create a long term development in social responsibility.

Jorgen came into Rewards from a role of HR director for a major region with 19.000 employees, in order to create customer focus and internationalization in this function. Before joining the Human resources function, he was Vice President and General Manager of international businesses, where he and his teams grew the businesses via technology development, co-development and international expansion. He joined the HR function to inject a business minded focus. He had a background as Financial Director before becoming a General Manager. In parallel he has been acting as member of the board of directors of various companies. This combination of experience from Finance to Business to Human Resources to Rewards makes it possible to deliver solutions which are both people and business focused, as well as financial solid.

Being in his Rewards role, he was driving the development of a global employee benefits management program, which gave transparency and governance to the business, and added double digit millions of Euros to the bottom line. In parallel leading the development of solutions of benefits choice for the employees in many countries, creating a higher level of employee satisfaction. He also managed the implementation of a new Care program, which worldwide gave all employees and their families a guaranteed level of benefits, thereby contributing to the ESG agenda, especially the S for social, by creating social protection floors. These solutions were seen as a strategic and holistic way to use employee benefits to deliver to the expectations of both employees, businesses and external stakeholders.