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Interview for Employee Engagement Summit 2021

Customer-Focused Employee Benefits Solutions – The next best thing to sliced bread?

 Posted 19th April


In the run up to The Employee Engagement Summit, we are sitting down with some of our world class speakers to get an exclusive preview of their presentation. Today we are joined by Jorgen Pedersen, Founder of The Birch Tree / Former VP C&B Saint-Gobain.

When employees are treated as customers and businesses start to implement employee benefits and wellbeing as strategic tools to focus on engagement, fascinating opportunities can arise.

Before Covid-19 appeared, it was already becoming obvious that employees are starting to expect more from their benefits offering.  Through the digital evolution and the way we all are getting used to be treated as customers with individual choices in our personal life, this change is also happening in the workplace. The pandemic and its impact on our new ways of working is causing an acceleration of this change, where we need to consider new ways of employee benefits.

The customer groups for an HR organization in the business are also becoming wider. We all focus strongly on our employees. With many businesses struggling to deliver the expected financial results, HR will now have to deliver even more to the bottom-line results. However, preferably, or even better, naturally, without sacrificing the engagement of the employees of the business. So, the focus becomes to deliver more with less, or smarter.

External stakeholders such as investors, shareholders, authorities or new future employees also have a stronger focus on what they expect from the business today. Corporate social responsibility has been a deciding factor for a while now. Environmental improvements are on the top of the priority list for all businesses today. 2050 is getting closer. As ESG enters into the management evaluation and rewards, and as it becomes a fixed part of any annual report or annual general meeting, the next letter becomes interesting. The S for social responsibility and engagement is likely to become the next big thing. What has happened around the world during the last 12 months has only underlined the need for a social focus, and how businesses can become key players here, thereby showing how the S is part of their purpose.

Come join us for an exchange on May 13th.

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