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Maternity leave around the world

In connection with Women’s day 2022, the ILO (International Labour Organization) has issued their new report on Care at work, around investing in parental leave for a more gender-equal world of work. Some of the key facts presented are:

  • ILO standards mandate a 14 weeks minimum maternity leave and recommend to increase it to at least 18 weeks.
  • In 2021 the duration of maternity leave is at least 14 weeks in 120 countries. In addition 52 countries meet or exceed the ILO 18 weeks recommendation.
  • Since 2011 another 23 countries have met  the 14 weeks standard.
  • However in 64 countries the duration is still below the 14 weeks.
  • ILO standards require the cash benefits to be paid out to be minimum 67% of the previous earnings. However they also recommend increasing it to 100% of previous earnings where ever possible.
  • Across the world in 2021, the average duration of maternity leave paid at a rate of at least 67% pay was 18 weeks. A 3.5 weeks increase since 2011.

Many international companies are enhancing these standards with their own Care programs for  leave for parents. These programs ensure a solid foundation for a DEI policy, supporting that partner leaves are guaranteed at the same minimum standard across the world. So all colleagues in a company are guaranteed a certain minimum paid leave, no matter in which country or at which position they work. Which is a strong part of these companies social contribution to their ESG and supporting the SDG (Social Development Goals) of the UN.

We see that more and more leading companies in their Care programs are now offering 18 to 26 weeks paid maternity leave. A few even start to go higher. We also see that many are supporting both biological, adoption and foster parents. We also see that the trend for companies is to move towards the same paid leave for both parents as part of their DEI.

What is your company offering as paid leave, in order to be an attractive employer for your new parents globally ?

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